SMG-06NW Moisturizing Gel Neck Cover Size:FREE
Textile Material:100%Microfiber Nylon
Gel Material:100% BIOGEL
Main Ingredient:Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil
Applicable:All skin types, dry rough skin and dim skin
Product Features:
1.Moisturizing effect keeps shank skin firming, prevents moisture losing and smoothens skin.
2.Prevents dry neck, smoothens wrinkle and improves anti-aging.
3.Includes mineral oils authenticated by USP (United States Pharmacopeia).
4.Skin care formulation adds Jojoba Oil for moisturizing skin, Avocado Oil for comforting skin, Olive Oil for anti-aging and Grape Seed Oil for skin anti-oxidation.
5.The materials are environment-friendly and can be recycled.