What is BIOGEL?
BIOGEL is an elastomer. The particular molecular structure of the elastomer gives the material thermoplastic properties at high temperatures. It is vulcanized-free, is made with a simple process, and can be easily modified. Furthermore, with the use of compounding techniques, it can be produced to meet customer requirements. The physical manifestations of this material are also superior. It has a large range of applications; such as high-grade soles/insoles, cushion material for exercise care, and orthopedics, etc.

Because of the various processes, short working time, high efficiency, the good physical properties and electrical insulating properties, these reusable materials are suitable for secondary processing and recycling. These features can reduce the production costs and avoid the material waste. These materials are also environmentally friendly since during its production process and it will not produce any harmful contamination or odor; in addition, it is easy to manufacture with stable qualities. This material will be the perfect replacement for other high-polluting materials.

Good physical properties: 
( 1 ) Pleasing appearance and feel, easy to add color, good stability.
( 2 ) The hardness range : SHORE 0A ~ SHORE 70D.
( 3 ) Good insulation and weather resistant.

Good chemical resistance: 
( 1 ) Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-polluting in production processes, no harm to the environment or humans.
( 2 ) Resistant to common chemicals.

Mechanical stability: 
( 1 ) It can be applied to injection molding machines, extrusion molding, blowing and compression molding machines.
( 2 ) Simple production process, short processing time, high efficiency.
( 3 ) High tensile strength resistance and low compression deformed.
( 4 ) Good combined with the general plastic blending to be an extraordinary alloy material.

Certifications and Testing

Process Equipment

Biogel Dept.:
Special Injection Molding Process / Pour Molding Process / Dipping Molding Process

Common Plastic Dept.:
Common Plastic Injection Molding Process

Fine Sewing Dept.:
High Speed Lockstitch Machine / High Speed Overlock Machine / Flat Bed Lower Feed/Upper & Bottom Feed Zig Zag Machine / Flat-Seamer, Feed-Off-The-Arm Machine

Cushion Hot Pressing Dept.:
Cushion can be attached on brace by hot pressing

Cutting Dept.:
All kinds of cloth material can be cut into shape

Quality Control and Packing Dept.:
Automatic Metal Detector / L-Cut Film Sealing Machine / Tunnel Shrink Machine / Continuous Sealing Machine / Banding Packing Machine

Customer Services