✓The Gel Expert

BIOFAST is a gel expert and has extensive experience and knowledge of medical-grade TPE and TPU as well as SILICONE formulae. Our experience is in product manufacture as well as professional knowledge.

✓Quality Excellence

All the BIOFAST products are made of gel material in line with FDA CE certification. We are fully committed to long-term innovation and R&D and constantly seek new ways to channel our products. We adhere to excellence at every stage of the production process and to the promotion of body and skin health. We provide our customers with the safest and most effective high-quality products.

✓Customized Formulae

BIOFAST’s own professional expertise, effectively provides customers with the best solutions. Several senior experts from the BIOFAST research team are assigned to the specific task of R&D for various gel formulae customized for each customers’ needs.


Trace Element Far-infrared

The far-infrared rays at 8 to 12µm resonate with the molecules of the human body to promote expansion of the capillaries and improve blood circulation. They also promote the metabolism, and increase immunity.


Fast Temperature Transfer

Featuring good thermal conductivity and high heat radiation. Heat dissipation will continue Even in the absence of wind..


Long-lasting Luminous Formula

The luminous material contains rare earth components. The material itself is harmless and contains no radioactive substances. It can absorb and store light energy at various wavelengths. This energy can be slowly released in the dark as light emission. The material can be reused an unlimited number of times, and it produces faster sunlight and UV light absorption results.


Silver Ion Antibacterial Formula

Positively charged silver ions released by an antibacterial inorganic silver agent react with the negatively charged walls of bacterial cells. This causes


PPS Fully Decomposed Environmental Protection Material

The manufactured products are all from biodegradable materials. All the biodegradable materials are derived from renewable resources that use sunlight and carbon dioxide as energy and carbon sources, such as starch, cellulose, etc. Starch and cellulose are biotechnologically converted into polymers. The production process is a biological process that causes no pollution to the environment. All the products are polymers that can be completely decomposed by microorganisms found in nature. At present, the materials that have been developed include board materials, extrusion materials, injection materials, blown materials, foam materials, and blown bottle materials. All the products are made from 100% starch and biological polymers, which are unparalleled, environmentally-friendly materials. Our products are your best choice.
1.It is made from natural plants.
2.It causes no harm to the environment.
3.It can decompose naturally.
4.It does not produce methane during decomposition.
5.It can decompose into water and carbon dioxide.
6.The crop source does not compete with the staple food for land.